Josie Goldberg's itsy bitsy thong in Miami (sexy or just plain skanky)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Should she put a wrap on it or keep flaunting it?  Josie Goldberg flaunts her bum in her itsy bitsy thong.

Photos by Photo Agency


Anonymous said...

She could not be anymore PLAY BOY MODEL. JOSIE was kick out from Play Boy by Hugh Hefner.
She do not look like Play Boy model!
She doesn't even brush her hair and she has cellulite on her ass.
Her breasts are saggy!
She has enough cottage cheese to feed an army. to bad you cant see it!
She done with Play Boy...History!
She is not SAG
People please do not believe to her. She is scam and has rude, loud mouth.
She has syphilis. She is spreading the disease around.
JOSIE GOLDBERG grew up poor in Ucraine.
She is originally from Ukraine but she would lie to you that she is Jew.
Her target is Rich Jewish man, famous Producers and Directors.
She was trying to get pregnant from Malek Akkad.


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