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Saturday, December 31, 2011

What's better than ending the year on a stylish note?  Ringing in the new year in style.  A big thank you to all of you who have made Boutique Mix your 'go-to' fashion boutique.  We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing more of you in 2012!  Stay tuned for all our '2012 Thank-You Sweepstakes.'  You could WIN BIG!

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Fashion Trends with Boutique Mix: How to create a modern boho chic style

Friday, December 23, 2011

Recently, I got a request from a stylish Boutique Mix Fan seeking Bohemian Chic style advice.  It's definitely right up our alley here at Boutique Mix where we are all about our Ethnik Chik Kollection.

Whether you choose to call it boho, hippie, tribal or earthy, the overall expression is effortless style.  With any style, we always find 5 words that come to mind when we think of the style.  For boho chic, we think FREE-SPIRITED, RELAXED, EARTHY, CHIC and FUN.  Some of our favorite boho chic celebs include Lisa Monet, Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Kate Hudson, Kate Moss, Erykah Badu, and on occasion, Mary Kate Olsen.

Whether you're looking for a rock star boho look a la Lisa Bono, the luxe boho look a la Nicole Richie, Kate Moss, the relaxed boho look a la Sienna Miller and Kate Hudson, or the bold and afro chic boho look a la Eryka Badu, the key is to find what works for your body/shape and lifestyle. 

Sure,  you've seen these effortlessly chic looks in magazines or on TV, but how do you know that you're really an everyday boho chic kind of gal?  As yourself a few questions.

1.  Are you bold and fabulous fashionista who does what works for her and has a flexible sense of style?  Do you feel shy about expressing your own individuality?  Are you always worried about what others will think of your style? 

2.  Are you a fan of layering?  Do you think the longer the better or the more the merrier?  Do you fall into the "i'm gonna pile all these on' because that spells boho chic category?  *side eye, Mary Kate Olsen.

3.  Does your attitude or style express Quiet Strength? 

4.  Are you inspired by warm, woody, earthy tones and ethnic jewelry?

5. Does the whole 'Go Big or Go Home' thing scare you?

6.  Are you ready to be YOU?

No matter what your answers are, no worries.  It's not that serious, its just fashion!

Forget your staple images of basic peasant tops and long skirts.

The cornerstone of boho chic fashion is figuring out what pieces and colors work best together. The key pieces for a boho chic wardrobe include:

Apparel: Caftans, breezy tunics, solid/printed maxi dresses, leggings, vests, flowy blouses, floral/print/earth tone/colorful design/beading details, long skirts, jeans, ponchos, shawls, structured blazers, leather/faux leather jackets, vintage-esque looks, denim shorts;

Jewelry: wood, tribal, African, Indian, shells, long necklaces, beaded jewelry;

Accessories: leather/faux leather belts;

Accents: feathers, beads, metallics, florals, prints, embroidered, lace;

Hair: braids, ponytails, afro, twist-outs; playful;

Makeup: whatever rocks your boat, soft;

Shoes: sandals work great - flat, wedges, platform, gladiator, cowboy boots (beaded/other accent details).

Mix up your color scheme. Add bold yellows, purples, blues and silver/gold metallic accents to traditionally warm, earthy boho chic colors. There is no need to relive the 60s or 70s or whatever era you associate with hippie/boho/casual chic fashion. Make it your own. Whether you look screams overstated, understated or just enough is all up to you, your body/shape, your budget, your tastes and your lifestyle.

The most popular looks usually include long dresses and long skirts, which can be paired with a fitted top/tank and structured blazer. The fitted top/tank and structured blazer add some dimension to the look and show off your gorgeous body/shape. Add a belt; hung loosely if you're going for that hippie look, or tightly belted to chicly define your waist. Why hide that fabulous hourglass figure?

Not a long dress, long skirt kind of gal? Then keep it very simple. Try a basic white tee paired with a pair of blue jeans, beaded sandals, long feather earrings, a vest (jean or colored or tribal style), a stack of beaded bracelets and a cross sling bag in earth tones. Jewelry accents such as wood, shells, feathers or beads add a boho chic vibe to any basic look.

Layering is another look that works well with this style. The key is to layer wisely without looking like you're trying to hard.  Don't walk around rocking every accessory in your closet (all at once).

Depending on the look you're going for, layer key pieces that work together. For example, a casual chic look may include a white maxi dress, vest, feather detail earrings, a chic colorful scarf, a brown cross sling purse,sandals with beaded details, stacked beaded bracelets and  long tribal style/ethnic style necklaces. If you prefer skirts or jeans, then switch the maxi dress with a flowy floral or printed blouse or a basic white tank/tee paired with a long skirt or your favorite pair of jeans.

If you're petite, avoid 'getting swallowed up' by your outfits. Avoid skirts and dresses that overwhelm your frame. A low slung belt adds some shape the look and prevents that 'i'm drowning in my clothes' look. Avoid layering very long necklaces and wear only one or two chunky bracelets at a time. You should be the focal point of your outfit. Don't drown in your look.

If you have a large frame, avoid anything that adds unnecessary bulk. Go for sleeker, fitted tops with your jeans/skirts and fitted maxi dresses. Whether you're dressing an hourglass shape, boyish figure or pear shaped figure, the key is to mix and match fitted pieces with flowy pieces.

Extras such as fitted, structured blazers and neutral or bold, colorful ponchos and shawls take your boho chic look to the next level. Paisley scarves, African Prints, Navajo-style and Indian accents can be infused into your look without making it look like you're trying to hard.

When it comes to color, don't get stuck in the khaki/green combo rut. You're a fashionista; not a safari tour guide.

Our sophisticated bohemian girl can go from classic boho to luxe boho. Trade in those beaded earrings for some big gold hoops. Trade in those sandals for heels. Trade in the vest for a sleek scarf. Trade in in the cross sling for a clutch. And voila, your maxi dress is goes from day to night on the town in one stylish swoop.

Stay effortlessly chic.  " Quiet Strength Boho Chic" or "Go Big or Go Home Boho Chic"

If all else goes wrong, think Sienna Miller and Nicole Richie today or Carly Simon in the 1970s.

We've chosen a few of our favorite boho chic fashion pieces at Boutique Mix (www.boutiquemix.com).


Boutique Mix is an upscale, online fashion boutique with apparel, jewelry, purses and fashion accessories for EVERYONE.

SHOP ONLINE: www.boutiquemix.com.   Boutique Mix ships EVERYWHERE in the U.S. FREE SHIPPING available on some purchases.  Visit www.boutiquemix.com to learn more.     

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