Africa Fashion Week: Intisaar's sassy colorful collection brings back 80s punch of color

Saturday, October 29, 2011

photo credit:  Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

Zimbabwean born designer Intisaar Mukadam brought the eighties sexy back with her colorful Spring/Summer 2012 collection at Africa Fashion Week in Johannesburg.

Showcasing beautiful African Java and Zimbabwe batik prints, this collection featured flirty, simple and chic bright, bold yellow, purple, pink and blue pieces.  The easy to wear separates are a great addition to any spring or summer wardrobe.  Whether you pair the colorful tops with structured slacks, skinny jeans or pencil skirts, this versatile collection goes from fun to sophisticated in one easy switch.

What a fun, playful way to end what was a luxe visual collage of Africa Fashion week 2011!

Who should rock this collection?  Rihanna and Solange Knowles

photo credit: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

Africa Fashion Week: Adama Paris gives Victoria's Secret a sexy run for its style (PHOTOS)

photo credit:  Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

Think sexy Victoria's Secret meets bold, sassy Ankara. 

Giving fashion fans a preview of the state of summer fashion for 2012, designer Adama showed off her bold print swimsuits in her new Adama Paris collection at Africa Fashion Week in Johannesburg.  The Congolese born designer turned up the heat with her gorgeous, feminine, sexy and creative Ankara designs.

From the structured one pieces reminiscent of the modern African woman's chic blouses to the delightful two piece bikini's Adama successfully merged African style with cosmopolitan western styles.  The collection evokes a fun, flirty and carefree summer day at the beach/pool. 

With pieces this pretty, why even bother going into the water?  Stage a fashion session with your favorite sarong, sandals and gorgeous statement necklace.  Give the pool boy something to ogle.........  The creative, easy to wear pieces add instant Ankara glamour to any summer wardrobe. 

 photo credit: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

Africa Fashion Week: Tart shows that once you go black you never go back (PHOTOS)

photo credit:  Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

Once you go black, you never go back!  Rocking the Africa Fashion Week stage in Johannesburg, Tart showed the fashion world that black is the new black.

Everything about the Tart Spring/Summer 2012 collection screams simple and easy to wear.  We are so used to seeing designers show dreamy, comical and over-the-top runway collections that have a 2% chance of runway to real street appeal.  We can all breathe a collective sigh of chic relief with Tart's designs.  While we are huge fans of color, we appreciate Tart's appeal to our modern career woman angle.  Each and every one of these designs are daily wardrobe staples for the modern woman on the go.

Each piece oozes sophistication, classic chic and allure.  From the form-fitting maxi dresses to the sexy leather pieces, work day, cocktail hour and evening soirees have never looked better.  While black is the focus of the collection, it doesn't straddle the line between chic and goth..... It's just chic. 

Fashion designers know that a burst of color adds a stylish touch to any collection.  Tart shows us why less is more with  one gorgeous green/black print maxi.  Tart knows that most women have curves and Tart knows how to dress those clothes.  With that in mind, this collection is versatile, sexy and contemporary.

 photo credit: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo


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