Versace for H&M comes to fashionistas on November 19: Will you be rocking Versace Prints?

Friday, October 21, 2011

photo credit: Vogue UK

For those fashionistas willing to risk their limbs in the fight for fashion, look no further than Versace for H&M.  The haute couture design house brings its uber-stylish designs to H&M for stylish fashionistas on a tight purse string.

From these photos images, it looks like there is nothing discounted in design and style.  We're loving the prices too; approximately $20 to $299.  From graphic mod-styled print sheath dresses to studded leather jacket, there's something for everyone.  The 31 piece collection is sexy, sassy and sophisticated.

We're guessing that the 2011 fall/winter fashion scene will include everything Versace, thanks to H&M.  Who cares about the akward pauses when you and four other colleagues saunter into the office holiday party rocking the same Versace for H&M party dress?  Right!

Check out your local H&M for Versace for H&M on November 19, 2011...........

Your thoughts?  Will you be in line for this new collection on November 19?


photo credit:  Vogue UK



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