About Boutique Mix

Fashion is so much more than clothes and accessories.

It is our own unique and individual statement that says much more about who we are before we even utter a word. Whether our fashion sense makes us a victim of trends or a pioneer ahead of the times, is up to us, our tastes, our budgets and our choices.

Fair-trade, Handmade, Eco-stylish and Affordable! These are just a few of our favorite words.

Boutique Mix offers fashion-savvy shoppers a diverse collection of items for every budget. From the discerning budget-conscious shopper to the sophisticated and worldly up-market buyer, Boutique Mix offers an Ethnik Chik Kollection for everyone. 

Trends come and go, but savvy style lasts forever!  Shop www.boutiquemix.com for the savvy, seasonless fashion!!

Thank you so much for your business. We love hearing from all of you so please contact us at boutique-mix@hotmail.com and/or info@boutiquemix.com if you have any questions, concerns or comments.

Do you have a photo of you rocking your favorite Boutique Mix piece? Email it to boutique-mix@hotmail.com and/or info@boutiquemix.com and you could WIN big.

Another way to stay in the fashion mix and WIN BIG? 'Like' Boutique Mix on Facebook at www.facebook.com/boutiquemix




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