Stay cool this Summer with NikiBiki Seamless Tube Tops

Monday, August 6, 2012

photo credit: Boutique Mix

Stay cool with summer with NikiBiki seamless jersey tube tops at Boutique Mix.  They are soft, comfy and versatile.
Not in love with orange? Fret not. Try the tube top in any of the 11 colors available at Boutique Mix ( - black, white, fuschia, turquoise, stone, ivory, dark brown, red, rust and mustard.
92% Nylon and 8% Spandex.
Rock this tube top in any of the following styles:
1. Under your favorite suit jacket;
2. Pair with your favorite pair of skinny jeans;
3. Pair with your favorite skirt;
4. Wear as a bra - the rib band provides great support;
5. Rock as a bikini top on the beach;
6. Wear with a low cut dress/blouse; or
7. Anytime.

Stylish arm candy at Boutique Mix

Stylish arm candy at Boutique Mix (


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