Afro City Actress Rhonda Ray rocks the Boutique Mix 'Obama Clutch' on Afro City TV

Saturday, December 17, 2011

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It's official! We're hooked on the fabulous and stylish tv show, Afro City.  We've watched the 10 latest episodes and cannot wait to watch more.  Think UPN's former hit show, 'Girlfriends,' but with all natural flavor.  We're loving the natural hairstyles, Ankara fashion and story lines.
Oh, and guess how even more excited we are to see the actress Rhonda Ray rocking the Boutique Mix Obama Clutch.  Yes, this Obama Clutch!

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Afro City Synopsis (via "'Afro City' is about a singer name Jazzman Love and her three best friends. One is an art gallery owner(Crystal), one a model(Ebony) and the other an earring designer(Fatimah). 'Afrocity' follows these four women as they share their love, lives, ups, downs, art and fashion while maneuvering through the big city of Los Angeles, California and the Art district of downtown L A. Through good times and bad times, these four Afronistas create a bond that will last a lifetime."

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