50 Bracelets under $25 at Boutique Mix: Stylish Arm Candy for fabulous divas

Saturday, December 17, 2011

photo credit:  Boutique Mix

What better than fabulous arm candy to finish up any outfit.  From bold statement pieces to small 'barely there' bangles and bracelets, Boutique Mix is like a candy shop for fashionitas.  There is a diverse array of looks to fit everyone styles - beaded, wood, hand-made, leather, colorful, big, small - the list goes on forever.

Not everyone is into bold colorful looks.  For color-shy divas, the best way to add color to any look is by wearing one small colorful piece, such as a colorful bracelet.  Whether you choose to stack them high or just rock one at a time is up to you and your style.



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