Bahay Bags Kate Woven Purse

Saturday, November 5, 2011

photo credit:  Boutique Mix

The Bahay Bags Kate Woven Purse shows that good things come in small packages! The Kate bag has a cute factor set on high. The delicate shape is functional and practical even in this miniature marvel. The interior still fits the bare necessities for an instant grab and go or for a casual day or night out. Be ready for the flood of ooh's and aah's with this eye-catcher.   Available colors : Pink/green/nat w/taupe snakeskin (shown).  Dimensions : w 4.5" x h 7" x d 2.5."

BAHAY BAGS - Natural, Chic, Elegant, Hand-made, Sophisticated!!! Bahay Bags are hand-woven with straw into elegant chic creations. You've never seen straw like this before!!! While straw bags are typical in the marketplace, Bahay Bags differ in design, construction, and charisma. Each bag is hand-woven and made from natural weaves such as raffia, pandan, sabutan, bamboo, and buntal. Bahay Bags feature designer trims such as leather, snakeskin, suede and wood.

The beginnings of Bahay Bags are as natural and mystical as the islands which inspired them. Founder Michelle Medeiros was always drawn to lush tropical paradises that blanket the soul in imagination. While living in Hawaii, she began exploring her creative calling. Having a background in marketing and media, with a distinctive eye for fashion and art, she was looking for an outlet that could combine her personal and professional interests with her idyllic environment. She originally started out with handbags of her own. She'd discovered them on vacation in the Philippines-her native home. Simple, vibrant, fun bags to use in everyday life.

In Michelle's own words - "I made these bags to feel mystical as they are feminine". They have been called "when city meets straw." They were not made with seamless construction, because I believe that organic flavor IS the beauty of the bag-hand-weaving is a timeless art. We took this and added vibrant color and contemporary style. We set out to create "native chic." Our handbags are called "Bahay Bags." It means "home" in the Philippines. A Bahay Bag is natural. It is feminine. Chic. It speaks of native land, of rural earth, of God-given beauty.



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