How to transition your summer dress style to fall and winter: Pippa Middleton's stylish work wardrobe - No shopping required

Saturday, November 19, 2011

photo credit:  Bauer Griffin

Here at Boutique Mix, we love seasonless fashion and trends.  Since most of our clients are in perpetual mental spring/summer style mode, we are always looking for fresh ways to rock summer styles through the fall and winter seasons.  Style should never be limited by seasons.  Exactly what every recessionista wants to hear!

What better way to add cool fall/winter style to a summer dress than to add tights, a sweater, a chic blazer or jacket.  No need to pack away those cute dresses.  Get creative:  For cool breezy fall days, rock a chic blazer/jacket.  For those dreary winter days, a sweater or fitted long sleeve turtleneck under the dress paired opaque tights work just fine.  Add some boots and you're on your stylish way to the office.

It's no secret that summer dresses can transition well into fall and winter.  Yes, even those pretty, dainty feminine floral dresses you thought were your summer staples.  For florals, give your style an edge with zippered jackets; motorcycle jackets and booties.  This takes the look from dainty and sweet to edgy and chic in just one fashion switch.

When it comes to rocking fitted blazers and chic dresses, no one does it as well as Pippa Middleton.  We love her dress/jacket combos that are perfect for the office, happy hour or parent-teacher meeting.  Think outside the box and add versatility to your style. 

photo credit:  Bauer Griffin

Why pack away perfectly good dresses for 2 seasons when you can rock them now?  You can give up that storage unit and forget about shopping or overhauling your wardrobe for fall or winter.  Use what's in your closet.  Mix and match pieces from different seasons to create unique, easy styles.

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