Holiday Gifts (Stocking Stuffers) under $10 at Boutique Mix: Your wallet will thank you!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

From the luxe fashionista to the savvy stylista on  your holiday gift list, there is something for everyone at Boutique Mix.  We all love luxe style.  But what beats luxe style at a luxe price?  It's luxe style for $10 and under.  We've compiled a list of our favorite Boutique Mix stocking stuffers that retail for $10 and under.  It can't be this easy; can it?  Yes it can!  Shop online with Boutique Mix at  With prices this low and gifts these fab, heck, just go ahead and stuff your own stockings!!

1.  Hand-Beaded Blue Circles Coin Purse ($10) - This cute handmade blue circles coin purse is the perfect purse/wallet/pouch for your notes, coins, coupons or rock as a small clutch.  Click here to buy this handmade gift at Boutique Mix.

4.  Gold Mini Manicure/Pedicure Kit ($10) - You'll love this mani/pedi kit! This mini-manicure case is the perfect grooming kit for the diva on the go. Stay stylish and organize your grooming tools. What's not to like?  Click here to buy this perfect gift at Boutique Mix.

5. NikiBiki Seamless Jersey Tube Top (one size fits all) ($10) - NikiBiki seamless jersey tube tops are soft, comfy and versatile.  Get the tube top in any of the available 11 colors - orange, white, fuschia, turquoise, stone, ivory, dark brown, red, rust and mustard.  Click here to buy any NikiBiki Seamless Jersey Tube Top at Boutique Mix.
6.  Natural Soaps ($4.50) - When it somes to effective natural soaps, the natural honey and black seed soap is in a league of it's own.  Honey and ground black seeds are combined with a touch of Apricot Oil (great for moisture) for one of the most gentle yet deep-cleansing soaps on the market. Your skin will thank you. Bonus: smells great too!  Click here to buy Natural Soaps at Boutique Mix.

7.  Save the ta-tas Rubber Bracelets ($8) - Join Ta-Tas® in the fight against breast cancer!  Ta-tas® donates 5% of all proceeds from the sale of this item to help fight the war against breast cancer. In addition, Boutique Mix is a member of the Save the ta-tas "Donation Match Program," which means Boutique Mix will also match and contribute another 5% of proceeds from the sale of this item to the Save the Ta-tas Foundation.  Click here to buy this fab gift at Boutique Mix.

 8.  Sunny Petal Bracelets ($10) - Hand-crafted, hand-painted 1 1/2" wide wood bangles in yellow with paisely, provide a simple and elegant accessory for everyday wear.  Click here to buy these sunny petal bracelets at Boutique Mix.

9.  Triple Tiger Fashion Earrings ($10) - The unique design of the pearl chips inlaid earring adds flair to this piece.  Click here to buy these triple tiger fashion earrings at Boutique Mix.


We've got over 100 gifts under $10 at Boutique Mix. 

MiMi is an attorney, accountant, business and fashion blogger and budding designer.  MiMi is also the owner of Boutique Mix, and is the National Fashion Examiner for  To learn more about MiMi, click HERE or check out Boutique MixDo you have questions/tips for MiMi?   Please leave a comment on this blog or email MiMi at



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